Eviction Protection

FOR RESIDENTS OF CLAYTON COUNTY: The Clayton County Magistrate Court has partnered with the Board of Commissioners and local non-profit agencies to assist landlords and tenants by disbursing MILLIONS of dollars for unpaid rent from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The money will go directly to the landlord, the tenants outstanding balance will be satisfied and brought to $0.00, and the pending eviction in Magistrate Court will be DISMISSED.

The Eviction Moratorium will end on July 31, 2021, unless extended by the Federal Government. If you have a pending eviction in Clayton County Magistrate Court due to NON-PAYMENT OF RENT and the reason you have not paid is COVID-related:

1. Go the Clayton County Magistrate Court website - https://www.claytoncountyga.gov/government/courts/magistrate-court
2. Scroll down to Dispossessories/Evictions.
3. Click on the CDC DECLARATION and fill it out.
4. E-file it into your case.

Once received, the dispossessory (eviction) file will be given to the non-profit agency to negotiate a settlement amount with the landlord. After an agreement has been made, the landlord and tenant will sign the settlement agreement, the landlord will receive the check in person, and the eviction case will be DISMISSED.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Government funds and your community are here to assist you during this national pandemic!

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