Coronavirus Update

What an exciting opportunity there is to have you join us online and worship with us every Sunday at 10:30AM and Wednesday at 7:30PM.

Please share with someone else the opportunity to receive an on-time message from Pastor Karl Miller, Jr.
Just go to the landing page of our website and click the "Media" tab to worship God with us live.

Also, we have started a 24-hour prayer campaign called: i-PUSH PRAYER INITIATIVE! It's an opportunity to sign-up for a prayer slot and commit to pray about the six prayer focuses that we are expecting God to manifest:

  • Divine protection and deliverance from any virus, sickness or disease for me, my family and my church family. Any disease, symptoms or effects must dry up from the root.
  • Immunity in the event I come into contact with Novel Coronavirus, and no contagious transmission to others.
  • Everything done in the dark, behind the scenes and all strategies of Satan, be brought to the light, exposed and stopped.
  • Divine wisdom and insight for our federal, state and local government leadership. Our President, Donald J. Trump, is guided by the Holy Spirit to lead the U.S.A. in all matters related to and especially in response to COVID-19.
  • Quick recovery of the federal, state and local economies, growth for my household income, and for my household to flourish.
  • An increase in lives being saved and souls coming into the Kingdom of God by receiving Jesus Christ as
    Lord and Savior.

You can sign-up to pray at i-PUSH Prayer Sign-up  and release your faith in God for full manifestation!


What additional resources are available?

Below are links to several resources for news and information about this virus.

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